What is Wantima

Wantima means "Rising Up".  The name came from Vocabularies of Four Representative Tribes of South Eastern Queensland, page 69 from the English to Yugarabul translation.

Commencing  12 October 2012 by Tania Schafer (nee Bostock)


Wantima was created to make Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander information and resources easy to access online.


Information provided is from published sources or online sources, it is in the public domain and accessible to people with researching skills. 

Researchers such as Geoff Wharton, Ray Kerkhove Timothy Bottom, Roz Kidd, Jeromy Hodes, Rod Pratt, Phillipa Scarlett, Brett Leavy, Anna Shnukal, Raymond Steele, Raymond Evans, Dale Kerwin, Paul Mckett and more....have provided information on specific topics of interest.  If you use their information and ideas please quote back to the original source not Wantima. 


Wantima will not seek cultural clearance for information unless it pertains to  living or named individual, except for celebrates in the public domain.  For example Cathy Freeman who is in the public domain and has a variety of online resources.  

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It has been over one hundred years since Australian's participated in World War One. 

Dark Horses was created to acknowledge the participation of Aboriginal soldiers during this event.

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