2426 Malloy

DAVID MOLLOY -  2437 (Q21057)

The Queenslander has David Malloy, but his records are under the name David Molloy.

David Molloy was born 1896 at the town of Mt Molloy, Queensland and at the age of 21 enlisted in Australian force during World War One, in Cairns on the 27th August 1917.  David's first few months in the army was as a transport driver from 26th October 1917 to the 21st of September.  Then David was assigned to the Light Horse in 21/11/1917 and departed from Sydney on the Ulysse$ for Egypt. David diembarked at Sue and was in the field with his unit on the 8th March 1918 till October that same year.

David was a single man, his brother Edward Molloy was his next of kin, who lived at the Mission Station Yarrabah Cairns. David did ask the paymaster to give his three shillings per day to his sister Caroline Molloy at Braken Ridge c/o Protector of Aborigines Cairns. Caroline married George E. Davis and lived in Mossman in 1954.

David had a "Report on a Case of Mental Disability" papers filled out on him in September 1918.  It was reported that David has suffered an sudden attack that was proceded by clinical Malaria and Lobar pneumonia.  It was noted that David was noisy, restless and confused. David hears the voices of his sister and the mission boys. Impulsively attacks others and stated by Citadel Military Hospital staff as being Dangerous Deludent but not suicidal. 

Edward Molloy, his brother, was sent correspondances on David's condition on the 29th November 1918 a telegram was sent stating that Private David Molloy Condition stationary and in December 1918 he was removed from the seriously ill list.   Embark Suez Per H.T. on the "Karoa" for Australia in 8-4-1919.

David embarked from Sydney on the A 38 H.M.T. Ulysses on 19th December 1917 for Suez then Moascar. Embark the HT “Morvada” for Australia on the 20 July 1919 at Kanara Egypt and arriving in Australia on the 30th of August 1919.

Image: "D. Malloy". (1917, December 15). The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939), p. 26. Retrieved February 24, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page2540498

Information provided by the National Australian Archives online WW1 records

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