To provide a site that will allow easy access to information on Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


My name is Tania Schafer, nee Bostock.  I was the Indigenous Resource Officer for over ten years at a State Library, unfortunetly this positon no longer exists.  In this positon I had obtained a great deal of information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queensland history, which I hope to share on this site. 

I have completed the Charles Sturt University Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Library and Information Management) and an archivist Graduate Diploma of Information Management and Systems (MIMS) and a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood).

I am an Australian Aboriginal from the Mununjali people on my mother’s side and Bundjalung people on my father’s side;

Code of conduct

Use your manners in the public forum and be aware of other peoples opinions.

Cultural Clearance.

It is important to know that information provided at Wantima is from published sources or online sources, it is in the public domain and accessible to people with high researching skills. Therefore Wamtima will not seek cultural clearance for information provided.  When dealing with public domain people, for example Cathy Freeman, Deborah Mailman, Ernie Dingo, Adam Goodes, Dundalli, Neville Bonner, David Gulpilil, Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker), Ginibi (Ruby Langford), Yvonne Goolagong-Cawley, Wantima will point to reliable online resources or repeat text that has been published on the individual.  Wantima assumes that permission was seeked prior to being placed online or in the publication. At all time Wantima will point the source document where the information was taken.

We will try and seek permission from community for resources we believe to be secret or sacried and pertains to a living individual that is NOT in the public domain.

This art work is called Standing up. 

It represents the individual struggle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their attempt to stand and be counted. 

They need to push through obsticals such as society pressure (orange) through their families belief (blue).country farming, economy (green) through  land, trees and legends (dark blue).

Standing up is the individual take their identiy (pink) and their culture, which is apart of themselves to a brighter future and dawn. 

Artwork Tania Schafer

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