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Open Data - Government Initiative

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Open data is a new Queensland Government initiative to release as much public data as possible, free to anyone who wishes to use it. So far their are 92 databases to view, unfortunetly none are of value to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples history or information, but it's at the begining stages.

This Queensland government push might force State information institutes to start providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with family history information and easy access to resources as offered to other "Queenslanders". 

Read my "Field of Dreaming" paper I hope to present at Australian Society of Archivist Conference in Canberra 2013.  There is a summary in the "News" section of Wantima.

Field of Dreaming - ASA Conference 2013

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This ideology is “If you build it [Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander finding aids, collections, indigenous information specialist positions, indigenous resource units]  they will come [Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients & researcher]”.

Field of Dreaming seeks to address current Indigenous information problems through presenting an Aboriginal and TorresStrait Islander original material, known as the Norman Tindale Queensland Collection, and the steps taken to make the information within available to family members. It provides several years of statistical feedback showing the increase of clients request to this collection and the ten year process taken by me to train staff, digitize resources, create access procedures and State Library’s initiative to show this collection in aculturally appropriate fashion.

Field of Dreaming implores Australianinformation institutions to take on a more innovative, pro-active role and allow a metamorphosis of historical records to data information.

Data information is an aspect of presenting information within the records,not necessarily the record. This would require archives, especially governmentstate archives, to understand that their role is no longer the “custodians” ofrecords, they are the “discovers” of a collection and have a moral right toprovide this Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander information in a culturalfashion.

This discovery role requires management direction, a specialist archivistor Indigenous information specialist. It is important to understand that this new role is based on the individual’s ability to be innovative, passionate and dedicated to the process of making Aboriginal and Torres Strait  Islander information collections within their institute and community archival institutes available. They need to try out new principles of disseminating information through introducing researchers, gatherers and givers roles asmentioned in Trilogy of Discovery.

This paper is to create discussions between librarian, archivist,  managers and information institutions – it is important  to understand that this is but a beginning of the journey... I hope to do this in the 2013 Australian Society of Archivist Conference at Canberra.


Mapoon Mission images

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In the photographic section are images of Mapoon mission.  These are from the State Library of Queensland One Search catalogue.  In having these images on One Search, community approval was provided.  

The reason I have duplicated the State Library information is to have all the images easily viewed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


In order to view these images with easy I have attached all handles in the discription.  All that you need to do is view the discription and cut & paste the handle into the Internet address. 

First days of walking

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Well.. I'm doing it  .. I have now paid to keep these pages alive for a year and willl be glued to this stupid computer until the year is up .. hehehe...


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This site was created for the OneChannel participants.  However it will grow into something more.  

I will be presenting a Onesearch talk on Tuesday 16th October 2012 for 45 minutes.  My talk will focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources on line and in information institutes. 

OneChannel allows Education Queensland staff 24/7 online access to a range of live and on-demand educational programs. It was created by the Department of Education, Training and Employment.  

For more information visit their site at http://education.qld.gov.au/smartclassrooms/developing-professionals/onechannel.html or contact the Manager of OneChannel on (07) 3421 6592

Tania Schafer (nee Bostock)

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