Aurukun Mission

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Aurukun is 800 km North West of Cairns by road, the closest main town is Weipa which is 186 km north of Aurukun.  

Aurukun’s name is derived from Aboriginal (language and dialect not determined) association with a large lagoon on the Watson River, near original settlement site, name first recorded in 1904. (1)

There are perhaps 50 Clan estates clustered intensively along the narrow coastal flood plain and occupying a very large expanse in the forest and savannah woodland country of the upland.

There are no simple political linguistic groups in this area. The people do own by right of clan birth and country, a recognised variety of languages. In the case of the Wik, all of these languages belong to a simple genetic family known as the Wik group. Language groups associated with the area are: Wik (suffix meaning language followed by these extensions), Ngathan, Munkun, Liyanh, Ngatharr, Ep, Me'anh, Keyangan, Kugu (also meaning language followed by these extensions) Uwanh, Muminh, Ugbanh, Mu'inh”  (2)

Aurukun was originally a Presbyterian mission established in 1904. In 1975 the community was placed under direct State Government control. Since the liberalisation of the State administration with the passage of the Community Services Act 1984, the Aurukun Shire Council has achieved much in the way of self-management.(3)

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Takeover [videorecording]

Summary: This film is an inside view of an Aboriginal community under threat. It concerns the Federal/State confrontation over the administration of the Aurukun Aboriginal Reserve, on Cape York Peninsula. The film is from the Aurukun perspective, using only those sources of information available to the Aurukun people at the time.

Jack, Robert Logan  (1921) Northmost Australia : three centuries of exploration, discovery, and adventure in and around the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland : with a study of the narratives of all explorers by sea and land in the light of modern charting

Dances at Aurukun 1962 [videorecording]

Summary: In November 1962 a number of totemic ceremonies were performed at Aurukun Mission Station, on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula. Eight dances were performed.

Chevathun, Norma  (1979) In. thath a ̣̣̃́: a look at Aurukun.  Aurukun, Queensland Aurukun  - School

Summary:'This booklet was produced by the Aboriginal teacher aides of the Aurukun School'. Aboriginal content.


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