In 1991, the Commonwealth Parliament voted unanimously to establish the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation and a formal reconciliation process. The Parliament noted that there had been no formal process of reconciliation to date, and that it was “most desirable that there be such a reconciliation” by the year 2001, the centenary of Federation.

Soon after, the Commonwealth Parliament voted to establish the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation with the object of promoting a process of reconciliation between Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders and the wider Australian community.

Following ten years of guiding the formal reconciliation process, the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation established Reconciliation Australia as the non-government, not-for-profit foundation to continue the national focus for reconciliation.

Reconciliation Australia works with business, government and individual Australians to bring about change. We identify and promote examples of reconciliation in action so that others can share the good ideas and add their support. And we independently monitor Australia’s progress towards reconciliation so that government, business and the community can take responsibility to back up words with real commitment.

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