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Disclaimers - Important to read before continuing....

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this website contains images of deceased people.

Wantima has provided Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients an easy access to some of the online resource available through the War Memorial and Queenslander magazine, via Trove [National Library of Australia], AIATSIS [Australian Insitute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies] and others.  

Aboriginal clients and family members acknowledge the above and by clicked on the below names accept the responsilbity of view the material. 

Dark Horses Soldiers Listing



John Oxley Library - State Library of Queensland

John Oxley Library has a large amount of personal information of soldiers and handouts focusing on World Ware One.  I would advise that you view their online catalogue know as One Search. http://www.slq.qld.gov.au

The war memorial has information available on individual soldiers and the State Library can provide one hour free research.  

Message to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Clients

At Wantima we hope to make Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander information available in a user friendly online fashion.

Enter our forum site and type in your name if you agree with this principle or not. The forum site was created to begin discussion on what you want, how Wantima can help, what we are doing wrong, what you would like to see etc a means for me to improve the site and get feedback.

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